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Civil War Encyclopedia - The purpose of this site, which was created by Eric Saul, is to provide those interested in the American Civil War with an extensive body of historic reference works on the war.  We will be dealing with all aspects of the Civil War, including the political and social history of the war.  The central part of this website is an exhaustive, encyclopedic reference document on the Civil War.  This includes biographies of soldiers, political leaders, inventors, financiers, and others involved in the war effort.  It also includes a list of all of the Civil War battles, arranged chronologically.  Also included are military terms and concepts.  Other documents will include citations from Union and Confederate Army and Navy regulations and the Articles of War. 


Civil War Library - The purpose of this website is to increase knowledge and understanding of the American Civil War and its aftermath. This website provides original books, articles, photographs and other research materials on the American Civil War. The material is available free of charge and is fully searchable and downloadable. All of this material is out of copyright.  This website was created by the Army of Georgia website editors to provide a source for more general knowledge about the Civil War.


Encyclopedia of Civil War Biography - Eric Saul, the editor of this website, has recently compiled an Encyclopedia of Civil War Biography, which can be viewed on his website AmericanAbolitionists.com. It is a comprehensive list of notable Americans from the mid-19th Century. This constitutes a who's who of America in politics, science, industry, and the arts. These individuals represented both sides of the argument over slavery in the United States. Also included is an extensive list of military and naval officers on both sides of the conflict. For those interested in military and naval officers, Union and Confederate, we have compiled an edited version with just entries of those military personnel involved in the Civil War: Encyclopedia of Civil War Military Biography. In addition, this list contains names of prominent Union and Confederate medial officers and personnel. There are also prominent members of Civil War relief agencies, such as the Sanitary and Christian Commissions. These entries were drawn from the 1886-1889 edition of Appletons' Cyclopaedia of American Biography (6 volumes). There are more than 3,000 individuals in these Encyclopedias.


American Abolitionists - The purpose of this website is to provide a comprehensive history of the abolition and anti-slavery movements in the United States, from the Colonial period until 1865.


Union XII Corps - The purpose of this site is to provide a history and resource guide to the XII Corps of the Union Army during the American Civil War.  The XII Corps was active from March 1862 until it was reorganized and designated as the XX Corps, in April 1864.


Eric Saul - Historian, Museum Director - Eric Saul (the editor of the Army of Georgia website) created this website in order to stay in touch with people with whom he has worked on projects these many years, as well as people with whom he is currently working. Saul has devoted the last 40 years of his life to telling unknown historical stories.



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