The purpose of this website is to document and recognize the Civil War record of Major General Henry Warner Slocum and his officers and men, 1861-1865.  This site will also document Slocum's most important contribution to the Union victory in the Civil War, his command of the Army of Georgia during General Sherman's famous March to the Sea, from November 1864 to March 1865.  The site will also include information on Major General William Tecumseh Sherman, commander of the Union forces, and Major General Oliver Otis Howard, commander of the Army of Tennessee, the right wing of General Sherman's army.

We will include materials on both Union and Confederate units that fought as opposing forces.

The Army of Georgia Historical Society will research, collect and document materials from various archives and collections in a central historic repository.  These materials will include personal papers, documents, letters, military reports, diaries, contemporary articles and other historic materials.  We will also include original memoirs and articles written by the officers and soldiers who were actual participants in the events described here.  Further, this collection will include photographs, lithographs, engravings and drawings taken from important collections, such as the Library of Congress, and the National Archives. 

This material is being gathered in a collection of fully searchable, scanned historic documents that will be made available on this website.  We will be continuously adding new material to this online collection.

We would welcome suggestions for additional material and would welcome your input on this website.  Please contact us at:

We also welcome the participation of descendants of officers and soldiers who fought under Generals Sherman, Slocum and Howard as well as other officers.  We would like to hear from you.

Content last updated November 29, 2011